Monday, May 6, 2013

Construction Birthday Party Ideas: DIY Tool Aprons as favors

For my truck and tool obsessed two year old son, we're having a construction themed birthday party.  Because I'm knee deep in drop cloth projects - hello upholstered headboard, no sew bed skirt, and window treatment - I came up with the idea to make little tool aprons for all the guests as party favors.  You know the kind all the Home Depot workers wear....they actually sell them there, but why not make your own?

They are really easy to make especially if you can use one of the hemmed edges of drop cloth.

Here's what you'll need to make DIY Tool Aprons:
  • Drop Cloth
  • Sewing Machine 
  • Twine, hemp rope or some kind of string/yarn
Now, I apologize for not having exact dimensions for these aprons, but when you're making 20 of them, you just kind of eyeball it.  Plus, I have kids ranging from 2-6 years old at the party so I figured having aprons of different sizes would be a good thing.  So no worries if they're not all exact.
Step 1: Lay out your drop cloth on the floor.

Step 2: Cut out rectangles in the size you desire -- mine range from 12"W x 8"H for the smallest (2 year olds) to 16" W x 8" H for the large size (4 year old +).  If you can, have one of the long ends of the rectangle, be a hemmed edge.

Step 3:  Lay the rectangle out with the long sides on the top and bottom.  Put the hemmed edge at the top, if you have one. If you don't have one, don't worry you'll take care of it later.

Step 4:  Fold the bottom of the rectangle up about 2/3rds of the way to the top.  This will form the pockets.

Step 5:  Fold the top edge of the pockets under about an inch so you hide the raw edge and avoid unraveling. Iron it flat, if you desire or do like me and just skip to step 6.

Step 6:  If you are making a smaller apron visually divide your rectangle into thirds (for larger aprons divide into quarters).  About 1/3 of the way across, sew a straight stitch from the pocket fold down to the bottom of the apron.  Before you start sewing, be sure the folded edge (from step 5) stays turned under.   Move over to the 2/3rds point and repeat.  Now you've created a middle pocket.

Step 7:  Using a zig zag stitch sew along the two open sides of the apron.   Sew from corner to corner - this time, do not stop at the pocket fold.  You want to sew completely along the edge for two reasons: to close the side pockets and to keep the edges from fraying.  If you do not have a hemmed at the the top (as you can see, I do in this picture), you'll need to zig zag stitch across the top as well.  Of you want it to be really neat, fold the raw edge under to the back and sew straight across.

Step 8:  Flip your apron over and put the front side down.  Sew a piece of rope or twine to each of the upper corners.  This will be used as the tie.  I used this hemp rope found at Walmart.

You can stop here knowing the birthday boy and his guests will absolutely LOVE their Home Depot-like tool aprons... (Note: It's probably not a good idea to put kitchen scissors in the aprons when handing them over to 2 year olds....haha. Oh the things we do for props.) can do one final detail to personalize the kids tool aprons. If you'd like to add the personalized ink to fabric transfer using wax paper and a standard printer, click here for the  DIY tutorial. 

And there you have it...DIY Tool Aprons.  Are they not the.most.adorable favors for a little boy's construction birthday party you've ever seen? Yup, me too!

As always, thanks for stopping by 2IY.

Posted by Melissa


  1. Enjoy your website and projects -- lots of projects to choose from. It would be nice if your photos were larger -- just a suggestion.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Judy - and thank you for the suggestion. We'll try to make pictures as large as we can without slowing down the load speed of the page.

  2. My sister and I just made these for my son's 2nd birthday party - they came out just like yours did...we even did the logos! Thank you for the very detailed instructions along with photos. Only thing we did different was fold the side edges under before sewing so they didn't appear frayed. I'm super excited to pass these out - thanks a bunch!

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