Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Craft Organization Caddy from a lazy susan

As I continue my craft room makeover, I've been doing a bunch of smaller projects to help with organizing all the stuff that comes along with crafting....you know the markers, paint, thread, needles, stamps, sponges, pencils, ribbon and on and on and on.  Not everything can be tucked away in my new DIY canvas-covered storage boxes.  During a recent trip to the thrift store I picked up this $2 lazy susan with the intent to make it the base for a tall floor lamp/shelf my daughter already has...turns out it's too heavy for the appropriately named lazy susan.  

Not to worry, I had another idea for this old kitchen staple.  I thought I'd turn her into a DIY craft caddy to hold all of my jars of "stuff."  But I also wanted to get my thread and ribbon organized, too, so I thought I'd add some dowels.

I started by removing the base of the lazy susan to make it easier to work with.  Then I used my drill to drill four holes in the top of the lazy susan.  I made one large hole for the dowel and on the other side three smaller holes for wooden skewers for thread and bobbins. The dowel cost me .50 at Walmart (I only used a small piece of it) and the skewers I dug out of the back of a kitchen drawer.

After drilling the holes I spray painted the top of the lazy susan and all of the dowels/skewers.  Once they were dry I put a little drop of hot glue over the hole and then pressed the dowels into the holes.  The holes were a little small, which is what you want so the dowels in place.

Then I put my lazy susan back together and loaded her up with all my mason jars. How's that for an easy and cheap DIY project?!  This functional and space saving DIY craft caddy cost me just $2.50 and half a nap time to make.

If you're not into crafting this could also be used on a bathroom counter to hold bottles of lotions and perfumes or to keep kids craft supplies neat or on a bedroom dresser as a jewelry caddy.  Pretty much anywhere there is clutter this lazy susan organizer would work. 

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