Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY Utensil holder from small flower pots: They're cheap, cute, & customizable

A few weeks ago I hosted a Kids Easter Egg Hunt and Party for a bunch of our family friends.  I thought I'd make a set of DIY Utensil Holders to add a little cuteness to the table.  I bought small clay flower pots at the craft store and then spray painted them - inside and out.  WARNING: They require several coats of spray paint as the clay seems to soak up the paint.

Once they were dry I added a blue and white ribbon around the top (Tip: turn the pot upside down when tying the ribbon so it doesn't keep slipping down) and a little carrot to up the cuteness factor.  It worked...didn't it?

Why the carrot? Well it does scream Easter...but to be honest --  as I was starring out the window in deep thought, trying to figure out how I could embellish my utensil holder I found I was starring right at the answer -- a festive window gel cling (from the dollar store, of course). How perfect -- they're removable, sticky, and my kids had spared several of them from the nasty floor grime they seem to attract.

After using them for the Easter Party, I put them away thinking I'd get them out again next Easter.  Recently I was looking through my party supplies and plastic wear when it dawned on me the basic spray painted utensil holders could easily be changed and would be perfect for any summer or spring party.  All I had to do was change up their look a little and I did this with just some stuff from around the house -- stickers, shells, rope and ribbon.

The EAT stickers are DIYthickers (foam stickers) and easily come off.  The shells (brought back from a trip to FL) I attached by taping (shhh) to the hemp rope which I had knotted and pulled through the hole in the bottom of the pots.

This is so easy and festive I think I may spray paint some a deep red and use them as DIY Utensil Holders for the fall and winter months.

^^^BTW: Here's a whole set of window gel clings they sell for spring and summer. How perfect would these be for this project? 

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