Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Kids/Guest bathroom wall decor (Free Printables)

Two years after moving into our fully-flipped-minus-the-kids-bathroom-house I am starting to spruce up their space.  We plan to eventually re-do the bathroom by updating the floor, tub, toilet, vanity, paint, and adding a double sink - but for right now they're little corner of the world is kinda blah.

The colorful shower curtain helps the white walls...but it's not nearly enough for me to say it's "decorated."  Last week, as I was making this monogrammed chevron baby gift I had the idea that I could make something similar as kids bathroom decor.   Due to how the free printables from For Chic Sake were created, I could not add any more than three letters to the existing printables.  So I created a new set of my own chevron printables just for this project....yes, first world problems, I know! 

It took me a few hours, but I finally got my chevron perfected and I'm happy to say with a little font tweaking I was able to customize the text.  I created three with the words "Bathe" "Wash" and "Brush" since they seem "bathroom-y."  I was considering "Wipe" to add a little humor, but figured the potty humor around here is enough without me adding to or encouraging it.

I printed them each on a piece of cardstock. how to mount them.  If you've been reading along on 2IY since the beginning (way back..oh, last month) you know that I am a fan of shopping my home - particularly my attic and basement.  

I knew I had a box of square wood mirrors that we used as dining room wall art in our old house.  Since we don't have a spot for them here, they've been collecting dust in a box in our basement.  After some digging around, I found all 12 of them and decided it was time to give them new life.

The mirrors are 12 x 12 and were previously spray painted gold.  I re-sprayed just the outside edge that would show around the prints.  After they dried, I cut my prints into 8x8 squares.  I experienced
with mounting them using both mod podge (just spread it on the back of the print lay flat and press) and spray adhesive.  Both seemed to work fine and I didn't see any difference using either of them. 

Then I just hung them up above the toilet and there you have it - instant bathroom decor for the guest bathroom.

This is the kind of project that costs very little money - and it's the way it should be.  We're talking about a kids bathroom here.  In a few years this will hopefully look completely different and I won't have a problem not using this bathroom art anymore.  But for now, I'm happy to report, I have full approval!  My 2 year old son took one look and proclaimed, "Wow, dats cool mommy!" and even my husband seemed genuinely impressed with my DIY genius - especially because it didn't cost me a dime. 

Of course, if you don't happen to have spare square wood mirrors lying around, you can always use canvases or inexpensive frames to mount your chevron bathroom prints.  Speaking of are the free printables for the chevron bathroom prints (and yes, I included "WIPE").

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