Sunday, June 2, 2013

Repurposed desk and hutch into craft table and shelving

And the craft room makeover continues...but I have to say I'm finally making some major advances.  I've done the little stuff while I literally watch the paint dry - like make these awesome thought bubble pharmacy jars or these drop cloth covered storage boxes or this lazy susan craft caddy - but now I am finally moving and grooving and my craft room is beginning to take shape.

If you've been following along, this was our office/guest room.  To say it needed some, well, a vast understatement.

Need I say more???

The guest room part remains...but we have a laptop that is always on my lap or the coffee table so having not one, but two desks devoted to an "office"

I debated many times about selling these nice wood desks and just starting over with something new.  But then I decided there was NO reason to do that.  I already had them and they would make a great craft table and sewing table with just a little TLC.  What I didn't realize is that they'd also make great shelving.  As I dismantled the hutch I had an ah-ha moment realizing the four supports would make for some awesome shelving and guess what it would be FA-REE! That's my kinda DIY project.  I was so excited with my discovery that I didn't take a real good picture, but you can see the shelves in the background (this old medicine cabinet will eventually going up between all the check soon for the reveal).

I used two cans of Heirloom White spray paint and went at these babies.  Honestly, I hate to say this, but I didn't prep them in anyway...just spray painted.  They took about two coats each and then some touch up spots to completely cover the wood.

I used .99 metal shelving brackets (okay, so I guess I kinda lied when I said the shelves were free...they were $7.92 total) which I also spray painted.  The white ones cost more than the gray...whatevs.  Sorry for the pictures, my 4 year old decided it was not a nap day and so I put her to work behind the camera...

I attached them to the shelves with a couple of screws and then used anchor supports to put all four shelves into the wall.

On one of the shelves I also added hooks for scissors and whatever else I may need to hang.  I may add some more hooks to one or two of the other shelves, too.   And since I've said enough, I think I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

The refurbed medicine cabinet will go between the shelves

Don't you just love when a project comes to you out of thin air and turns out totally awesome? I do!

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