Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rescuing family furniture pieces from the dump

Hi All,

I'm back from 10 glorious days at the beach with my family.  We had a great time biking, kayaking, enjoying the beach, swimming in the pool, and even a trip to
Home Depot for the kids workshop. (They're free the first Saturday of every month 9-12 at every HD!) 

Of course, I also spent some time dreaming up a few new projects....not to mention gathering some new materials. 

My family is in the process of selling my late grandparents' beach house and in doing so needs to empty the house.  Of course, I'm helping hoarding.  (They can thank me later!)

Anyway, I took it as an opportunity to rescue a few pieces of old family furniture from making their next home at the dump.  The mister isn't too happy that I brought home this old tool box (or as he calls it "junk") and that I've claimed a dresser...errr, three (shhh!), a nightstand, two lamp shades, some lawn tools, a full size headboard and footboard and an antique sewing machine that was my great grandmother's. 

His argument is that we already have most this stuff - only 50 years newer - and we don't have room for it all. Well, my dear, one of these days you will learn to embrace my inner hoarder, because it's just the nature of a DIYer.

My plans are to repurpose and refinish most of the furniture.   This dresser will be cut down and turned into a bench for the end of our bed.

I envision something like this....(in a different color).  Think I can pull it off?

The lamp shades will be another master bedroom addition.  I plan to cover them in either burlap or drop cloth material and use on the glass jar lamps I made a few months back.  I've been itching to get rid of these >>> Or maybe I'll take the shades from the living room lamps and use them in the bedroom and make new lamp shades for the living room..hmm...

Then, there's this old tool box, that we believe my grandfather actually built.  It has already been cleaned, sanded down, and repainted...thanks to my two apprentices.   Yup, been home 8 hours and I'm already back at it.... I'm going to put potted herbs in it.  Tomorrow??

The head and footboard will be re-purposed into a bench for the front porch...similar to this one done by crafty peeps behind The Next Fifty Years blog.  Of course, my husband has no idea how I plan to do this, but I've pulled out enough tricks in the past that he's learned not to question the method to my madness.
The end table and two other dressers will be split amongst the kids' rooms.  My son has furniture, but I just couldn't let the dressers go - they are Ethan Allen for.goodness.sakes!  I did give my hubster the opportunity to shoot this one down, but he actually was fully on board.  (What are the odds?) For now, I'll just clean them up and when we re-do his room from a crib to a big boy bed, I'll re-finish the dressers to match the theme.

The night stand is going in my daughter's room.  She has white furniture so I plan to paint this table and maybe put a monogram in pink or green on the top. 

Looks like I'll have projects in the pipeline for a long time coming....

I think I'll enlist Steph on these furniture makeovers as she's really getting into rescuing and re-purposing furniture.  Maybe I can even steal some basement real estate and store it all at her house too..

Oh and I almost forgot...I did score this too cool to pass up Cuban Cigar box.  On the bottom it notes they can't be sold for less than 8 cents and no more than .15.  Guess who claimed it! Yup..the hubs wants it for his office.  Maybe I'll even clean it up for him and then let him know I need him to load all this furniture into a pickup and bring it home. 

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