Monday, September 30, 2013

Thrift Store Cabinet Makeover {ReSTOREd Challenge}

Well, here's my first piece that's part of my ReSTOREd Series - The Seed Money Challenge. If you're wondering what the frickety frack I'm talking about - click here and you'll get all the deets on my latest challenge.  On the second thought - check that out in a second - you don't want to miss the goods on his piece!

I picked up this piece a few days ago from the thrift store and she was looking a little sad to say the least.  I knew I wanted to paint her red - mostly because if she didn't sell, then at least she would match the decor in my house.

I started by taking off all the hardware it was kind of dated.  I'm being too nice. It was downright ugly and old. 
The door had these little pin holes in them so I patched them and the big chunk out of the bottom left with 3M's Patch Plus Primer.
This stuff's's spackling and primer in one and it dries super fast which means you're not sitting around waiting and waiting and waiting.  One coat is plenty for small holes like those in the doors.  I did need to add a second coat after some sanding on the leg, but that was a big ol' hunk so I was very happy that two was enough.   Once I painted, it was impossible to even tell a full square inch piece was ever missing.

I painted this piece with some DIY chalk paint.  She needed a three coats of paint and two coats of polycrylic to seal her up and give her a little shine.  

I finished her off with some new hardware...but that didn't go so well... at least not at first.  I ordered the handles from 99 Cent Knobs.  (It's only worth the cheap price for the knobs/pulls if you have at least half a dozen to buy because the $11.95 flat rate shipping will kill you otherwise.)  The quality was great and the pulls are just what I was after - except that I ordered 2" pulls and the holes were 2.5" apart.  Seriously, annoyed at myself.   Uhh...if I had bought them at the store I would have taken them back, but not after I just spent that kinda money on shipping.  So....I turned back to my trusty 3M Patch Plus Primer and filled one hole on each side of the drawer.

I then had to repaint and drill new holes a half inch closer.  This stuff fills so well you can't even tell I didn't use the original holes for the hardware, can you?

Finally, Miss Red was finished.

And where is she now? Well, she sat styled in my living room for about 4.5 seconds.  I put her up for sale and literally within 2 hours I had someone rearranging their work schedule to pick her up, plus at least four others who were interested if the sale fell through. 

Looks like my little ReSTOREd challenge is off to a successful start.

Here are a few more pictures just because I kinda miss her already...(tear).

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