Friday, September 20, 2013

Vintage drum table refinished with spray paint

Recently our mom and her siblings sold our late grandparents' beach house.  Of course, first came the challenge of emptying the place which had a lot of mis-matched, antique, and vintage furniture.   All of the kids and many of the grandkids - including both of us - took a few things which made for some really awesome refinishing and repurposing projects like my tool box to herb garden and nightstand to entry table. Stephanie scored this vintage two-tiered drum table.

Let's be honest, it's not much to look at.  In fact, even the bargain price at the estate sale didn't attract a buyer...but their loss was Steph's gain.  She took the table apart and gave it a fresh coat of paint - spray paint, to be exact! 
Isn't she cute!

Steph went with blue and white so the table with coordinate with the decor in their University of Delaware-themed office/craft room.

Spray paint isn't always the best way to paint furniture, but for this project it was ideal since there were so many small part and grooves.   A few coats of polycrylic over the spray paint and the surface will be protected from any scratches.

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 photo 23de5266-91bc-4226-85c8-8c74cb4c20ee_zps1313e4f5.jpg


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