Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best {Small} Closet System to Maximize Organization and Space

If you get the 2IY Weekly Best Newsletter you've been getting sneak peeks on the major renovations in our master bedroom.  We are expanding our master bath to make it large enough for a double vanity.  But to do that we had to take about half of my ungodly small 5' reach-and-grab closet - seen on the right below.   The closet project was sort of an after thought for me - something that just had to be done because, let's be honest, ain't no girl around that's gonna make it with 2 feet of closet space.

To accommodate my needs husband's shoes we knocked out the wall that separated my closet from his and we made it into one "big" closet.  I use that word loosely because it's still a reach and grab, but it's now 8'3" interior wall to wall.   That's the old doorway to my small closet below...and the bathroom to the right and back.

Here you can see how part of old closet was taken for the bathroom (the area drywalled), but the wall to the left has been opened up to make one big closet.

Even though the closet square footage is actually smaller now, because we could install a closet organization system the space is put to much better use.

I searched high and low for the best closet system at an affordable price.  I wanted something that was two-tiered and had space for shoes because 8 feet of floor space is nothing when your husband has more shoes than you!

Walmart and Amazon actually have a huge selection of closet organizing systems with brands ranging from Rubbermaid to Seville to Closetmaid and Easy Track.   I nearly bought the Easy Track White Delux Closet Starter Kit (seen below), but I really didn't want white. I wanted something dark. It's the closet, I know....

Easy Track RB1460 4 to 8-Foot Deluxe Closet Starter Kit, White

Martha Stewart Living has a very similar double rod closet system called the Espresso Delux Closet Starter Kit.  The price is comparable at $159 (actually cheaper than Amazon's at $195) and add-ons are available so that's the way I ended up going.    Here it is in our closet...still naked :)

Our clothes fit easily thanks to the double rods on both sides of the center.  We were planning on hanging clothes on that top middle rod too, but we didn't end up not needing it.  What we really needed was room for our shoes which were still all over the floor.  The starter kit comes with three 24" shelves which wasn't nearly enough for our combined shoe collection.

The nice thing is you can put the shelves at any spacing you desire since there are holes about every inch from top to bottom.   We bought 3 more 2-packs of 24" shelves, plus one 2-pack of the 35" shelves.  (It's not clear on the packaging, but the shelves do come with the pegs needed to install the shelves.  We found this out after opening the boxes at the store.) 

We actually ended up removing that top rod (seen in the picture above) and put the six additional 24" shelves about every 5 holes all the way to the top.  

Then we put the 35" shelves right above the two lower rods to give us each more shelving space for shoes, bags, and baskets.

I also installed a large 8' shelf above the top rod which gives me even more storage space for items and accessories that are either out of season or rarely used.

I honestly can't believe it, but we have NOTHING on the floor of our closet except the DIY boot rack I made for my tall boots.  Since the doors are huge at 3" feet each, our access is almost unlimited whereas before I always had to reach behind or around a wall.

If you're still trying to find a way to get your extra small closet organized, be sure to check out my tips on how to maximize your space in a single door reach and grab.  A few months back,  I shared them over at my mom blog - New Mama's Corner.

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