Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Master Bathroom Renovations Tour {and my purchase list}

I'm so excited to finally be able to say we have a start date for the renovations on our master bathroom.  This is definitely not a DIY project - although I'm sure it will produce a few. 

Basically we are expanding our bathroom to make enough room for a double vanity ending our twice daily ritual of the toothbrush/facewash/hair styling dance around the mirror and sink.

When we first thought about making renovations to the bathroom we were told it would be major construction (and cost) and would entail cutting and bumping into the guest room which shares a wall with our master bathroom.  But I'm happy to say we've figured out a way to not disrupt the bathroom at all except for the vanity area.   Okay's a little looksy look into what's happening.

Here's our master bathroom now.

Small single vanity
You can see it's pretty small and storage is minimal. 
What's even smaller are the two reach and grab closets - the one on the right is mine and it's about to get even smaller....kinda.  (More on that in a minute.)

So here's the plan to make everything work a little better.  That opening for that little hallway leading up to the bathroom will actually become the new doorway.  The hallway, the wall to the right of my closet and part of my closet will actually become part of the bathroom.  Knocking that out will make way for a 72" vanity without disrupting anything else in the bathroom.  The shower and toilet will stay exactly where they are so we won't be messing with plumbing.  (Score!)

"But your closet" say.  Yes, my poor little closet which is already way too small for any girl will be made even smaller in theory.  But actually in reality it will get bigger because...I'm stealing part of my husband's closet.   The wall between the two closets will be taken down to make one large closet with two large french doors.  This will not only make one large closet it will allow for us to put a closet organizing system in there and it will allow us to more easily access the contents of the closet. Right now, we only have these small openings with many of our things difficult to reach due to the small opening.

Oh, and also, you see that cabinet above the toilet? That's got my name written all over it.  With much more storage in a double vanity for towels, etc I'll be taking that thing down and moving her into the laundry room.  When I say laundry "room" I actually mean laundry closet.  The linen closet on the second floor was (before we moved in) converted into a laundry room which is super convenient, but it's also seriously lacking in storage.  I know you won't believe it when I tell you, but that one little shelf up there isn't doing it for me.  So the cabinet will go up there and I plan to add some shelves and a clothes rack and make her all pretty. We shall see....

But back to the bathroom....Of course a little reno and demo means I got to go shopping for all kinds of fun stuff like lights, sinks (my husband's only request was vessel sinks - they're the ones that sit above the counter), faucets and of course the vanity.   Here's a little sneaky peek of what I got...

The lights (I needed two) are from  I scored a great deal on them using a 20% off coupon I found online.  They sell them at a lot of different places in the store and online but they were all right around the same price - just a dollar or two off.  Lighting Direct is the only place I found a coupon to use on them.   They are from Seagull Lighting's Finitude Collection (#44616)...and don't they look like Pottery Barn (but for a fraction of the price!)

The faucets are the Kraus Rivera Single Hole Bathroom Faucet with Single Handle.  Again, I needed two.  After doing a lot of research on brands and specs, I found these vessel faucets a few different places online - including Amazon

Finally, the vanity!  It's the (get ready it's a mouthful...) Wyndham Collection WC-CG5000-72 Premiere 72in Double Bathroom Vanity Set In Espresso with White Carrera Marble Countertop and Bone Porcelain Vessel Sink.  (Told you!)  I purchased it from because I got a 10% discount off my first order, they had free shipping, and it was out of stock on several other sites. 

I'm sure there will be much more shopping to be done as the bathroom reno gets underway in the next week or two.

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