Monday, November 4, 2013

DIY Napkin Holder from a toilet paper roll (Free 'Give Thanks' printable)

With Halloween now behind us the DIY blogging world - including yours truly - is taking on Thanksgiving!   Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that often gets the shaft...squeezed between the ultra-consumer driven Halloween and Christmas.  But this year folks, here at 2IY, we're giving Thanksgiving all the attention is deserves.

And with that...that's lets start with a Thanksgiving table staple! No, not the turkey...the napkin rings.  Okay, okay so maybe they're not a true 'staple,' but DIY Thanksgiving napkin rings definitely can up the ante when it comes to a beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table.

First gather all your supplies...for a setting of 8 you'll need:
Start by cutting your toilet paper rolls in half so they're each about 2 inches each.

Set the rolls aside for a few minutes if you want to print on your burlap.  If not, just skip this step and move forward with plain burlap.   If you want to print on burlap, I have created these free "Give Thanks" printables to make it easy for you - and here's the how to on printing on burlap using an inkjet printer.

When your burlap is ready -  cut into 2.5" strips.  Working with one piece of toilet paper roll at a time, use a foam brush or paint brush to slap some mod podge on the roll and then cover with a piece of burlap.

Use a clip to keep the burlap in place.   Spread a light layer of mod podge on top of the burlap and let it dry for a few hours.  Don't worry, the mod podge will dry clear. 

At this point you can fringe the edges of the burlap if you want, by pulling out a few strands.  This just creates a fringe and prevents it from fraying.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the center and secure it with a knot.  Attach one of your 'charms' to the ribbon. If you're using an acorn it's easiest to use thread to wrap around the stem and then attach the thread to the ribbon with a knot.  If you're using a mini pine cone, you can hide the ribbon under some of the scales and wrap it around to attach.

Once your charms are attached, tie the ribbon into a bow.   Now just slide your napkin in and you have the start of a beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table.  

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