Friday, November 8, 2013

Funny Kids Christmas Card Ideas

I always love it when October rolls around and I can finally say 'next month we're getting our Christmas tree'...well guess what, people, it's NOVEMBER which means THIS month we're getting our Christmas tree.  And with that I can justify sharing a fun little idea for a kids Christmas card because we all know when the tree goes up, the cards go out.

Last year I had big dreams for our family holiday card.  The tree was decked, the stockings were hung, the kids were dressed.  The only problem was my then 1.5 year old had other plans.  I must have taken 50 shots of the kids in hopes of getting one good one.  While my daughter sat there precious as a little angel, my son was earning his way up the naughty list.

It was hopeless.  Or should I say... HO.HO.HOpeless.

And so for all the parents out there who dream of having the most beautiful Christmas card with children well mannered, well styled, and well dressed (not to mention non-goldfish eating kids) - give up, sister!  It probably ain't gonna happen and when it doesn't you just go with it...because this is still one pretty funny Christmas card.

You can create something like this in free online photo editing programs like PicMonkey or even in Powerpoint.   Then just save the collage to your computer and upload it to any of the sites that print holiday cards.  I like InkGarden which is perfect because right until December 2, they're offering 40 cards/envelopes for less than $20 using code PREMIUM40!

40 Premium Custom Holiday Cards - Just $19.99 - Save 60%!

If you make a funny kids card we'd love to see it! Share it in the comments below or send it to use on Facebook!  

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