Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Make a {No Sew} Burlap Bow in 30 Seconds or Less

When I shared my mini tomato planter Christmas tree earlier this week, I promised I'd shared a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a burlap bow and so, my friends, here it is.  This burlap bow takes like 30 seconds to make...a minute tops and has to be up there with one of the easiest DIY bows ever.

Lay out a piece of burlap.  Make sure the edges are cut straight so they aren't fraying.  If you haven't cut it to stop the loose ends, click here for my tutorial on how to cut burlap without fraying.

Okay, now that that's settled...lay your burlap out on a flat surface.  Any size piece of burlap will do. My piece was a scrap and it was probably about 20 inches long.  Now you can measure, fold or you eyeball (I eyeball) the center.   Use a pin to pull up a single vertical running piece of burlap about an inch from the bottom of your fabric.

Slowly and carefully start pulling that strand of burlap toward you.  The fabric will start to bunch up as the piece is pulled. You want to do this slowly so the strand you're pulling doesn't totally come out.

Kind of move the bunch back as you go.  Once the whole piece is scrunched up take the strand that you partially pulled out and wrap it around the center of the burlap to form the middle of the bow.  Pull it as taunt as you can while you wrap - as many times as possible - without letting the strand slip out of the burlap fabric completely.

Tuck the end of the little strand in. That's it.  I told you it would take 30 second or less!  Now you can use your DIY burlap bow for a wreath, a tree topper or make them smaller or large and decorate your Christmas tree with lots of burlap bows.

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