Monday, November 11, 2013

Square Pine Cone Wreath with Burlap

So I finally got around to doing something with that huge basket of pine cones my kids collected a few weeks bake.  They were prepped (and by that I mean de-bugged) and ready for some fun fall craft, I just hadn't decided what.  

I was cleaning out my garage and I came across some nice scrap wood and I decided the two would meet.  

I cut the scrap wood pieces down into four 18" long pieces before attaching them with screws to form the base of my square pinecone wreath.  

Here is where I made a big mistake because I started covering the bare wood with pine cones. What I should have done was cover the bare wood with either spray paint or burlap before adding the pine cones.  Believe me, you don't want to try to add the burlap after - it's nearly impossible and makes an already messy project that much worse.

I did think to make a burlap wreath hanger and wrap it around the top of the square before adding the pine cones - so at least I got that right.  

Then I got to work adding each pine cone with a hot glue gun.  As I said, this project isn't for neat freaks.  By the end my pine cone pricked fingers were covered in a layer of hot glue and burlap fuzz and my table was covered in pine cone scales.  

After adding a few pine cones I realized they would lay better if I flattened the bottom as much as possible. If you can do this without hurting your hands too much, I recommend it. 

Once I had all the pine cones good and stuck on the wreath I filled in any gaps with acorns and mini pine cones.  The last thing I did - which I mentioned was a huge misstep - was adding the burlap around the wood.  I only did this because from the side the wood was visible and I am OCD like that so it bothered me.  If it's gonna bother you too, then add the burlap before the pine cones and save yourself a whole lot of trouble.

I finished up my wreath by adding a burlap bow to match the 'hanger.'  FYI the hanger is just for looks - there's no way it could hold the weight of the wood and all those pine cones.  If you want to hang your wreath on a door or wall, you'll want to use a D-hook bracket and heavy duty nail.

I plan on keeping my pine cone wreath up through the winter.  I can change up the look a little for Christmas by adding some berry sprigs and a different bow or some gold christmas balls. 

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