Monday, December 2, 2013

10 Christmas Front Porch Ideas {On The Cheap}

In case you haven't picked up on it yet from all my recent posts, I have been slightly obsessing over my Christmas front porch decorations.  We typically decorate with icicle lights and a pretty wreath, but this year I really wanted something more Pottery Barn front porch-ish - ya know with lots of textures, layers, and personality...something really welcoming and inviting.  Of course, I didn't want the PB prices so I've been slowly working on creating a budget-friendly Christmas front porch and I think I've finally got it!

I spent less than $60 to create this entire front porch and all I started with was the wreath - which I made-over this year.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: To keep your decorating budget down, shop your house before the store!
Let's take a little tour of my front porch and I'll show you all the DIY Christmas decorations that I made and just how I put them all together to create what I consider (and I fully recognize I am totally bias) a beautiful outdoor Christmas display. 

The Be Merry sign cost me absolutely nothing.  I used pallet wood and paint I already had on hand to make this Pottery Barn Knockoff Wood Sign.  It didn't take me much time, either!

Here she is outside...

The three DIY Christmas trees were all made from tomato cages and Dollar Store garland.  The cages for the two large tree were less than $4 each at Home Depot.  The tall trees each required 8 strands of 15' garland, and the mini tree took two for a total of $18 in garland to wrap the trees. The two gold stars were also a Dollar Tree buy.   The lights and burlap I had on hand, as well as the mini tomato planter.  In total the three outdoor Christmas trees cost me a total of $28.

The antique wood sled I bought off Craigslist.  The woman - who told me she wnated to use her father's childhood sled to decorate with on her front porch, but her husband nixed it - sold it to me for  $20.  I decorated it with some extra garland I had at home plus a few pine cones from the yard that I dried and preserved.  Total cost for the sled: $20. 

The wood chair was sitting along the road next to a big old 'FREE' sign so I snagged it.  I cleaned it up (and may paint it later) and distressed it just a little further.  I hung a dollar store mini wreath on it with some ribbon I already had.  The burlap Christmas pillow cover I made with 1/3 a yard a fabric which was on sale for $1.99 a yard.  Total cost for the chair, wreath and pillow: $1.75

The basket and wood pile also cost me nothing.  The wood crab basket I got from my late grandfather's beach house when we were cleaning it out this summer.  I spray painted the basket gold just to give it a little pop and I added four pieces of wood from our wood pile.  Cost for the crab basket and wood pile:  $0.

I remade my Christmas wreath and added an easy printed burlap bow this year using the same wreath that I've hung over the last few years.  The bones were good, but it needed a makeover.  I, again, used pinecones I found, along with a scrap of burlap and some of the berries and gold balls that were on the wreath previously.  Total cost for the wreath makeover: $0.

The candles in the window were a Dollar Tree find, as well.  They were $1 for each two pack and I needed 11 total. They each require 2 AA batteries so  picked up 3 packs of 8 at the dollar store, as well for a total cost of $9 for the window candles.  

And that is how I decorated my Christmas Front Porch for $58.75.  

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