Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Tree Handprint Art (Toddler-friendly)

Looking for a fun little project while your kids are off for Christmas?  You've come to the right spot!  Last week mine had two snow days coming off a weekend and by Monday 8 am we were all going majorly stir crazy.  So I broke out the finger paint and let them have at it...yup jammies and all!

I love handprint art as you can see from my pinterest board full of hand and footprint art, we decided to make Christmas trees.  My five year old made hers all on her own (she got a little wild and crazy as you'll see below, but hey it's a work of art), while I helped my two year old.  He was more than happy to get his hands all over the paint!

I had the kids work on cardstock so just the paint didn't bleed through and the paper didn't curl.  I poured a blob of green finger paint on a paper plate and dipped my son's hand in it.  Then I used a small brush to make sure his fingers were completely covered.

Then we simply pressed his hand onto the paper. We did about three prints before we re-loaded with more paint.   Once the green formed the tree I let him add some fingerprint ornaments to his tree.  He did this part all by himself.  I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out.  His favorite part was mixing all the paint - red, green, and blue - on the paper plate together so we could make brown for the stump.  I painted the stump with a brush.

I framed the handprint Christmas tree in a white frame that I already had on hand. Aren't these trees just too cute?!

I just love framing the kids' masterpieces - in fact I have a whole kids art wall gallery in the playroom. 

I apologize for the lack of photos in this post, but it's a little tough to take pictures while trying to control a crazy 2 year old with a palm-full of paint! 

 photo 23de5266-91bc-4226-85c8-8c74cb4c20ee_zps1313e4f5.jpg


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