Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY Pom Pom Yarn Wreath on a Wire Hanger

Ah ha, you're back! I knew you'd be back to check out this awesome idea of what to do with all those yarn pom poms you made.   In case you missed it - I shared the tutorial on how to make poms poms from yarn here yesterday and now I have the perfect answer to 'what to make with pom poms?'

I made about 50 (or maybe it was more, I lost track....I was up to my eyeballs in yarn by the time I was done) pom poms in white, red, fuchsia and gray for a Valentine's Day wreath.   Of course, you can make them in any color and make a wreath for any season.  I was inspired by Britany at Just B Crafty's wreath.  She made a beautiful yarn wreath that's great to have up all winter long.   I think pom pom wreaths are perfect for the winter months because they've got that cozy sweater-like feel to it.
But if you want to rock a red, white, and blue pom pom wreath for the Fourth of July - that's cool, too.

The great thing about this wreath is you don't need a wreath form.  I basically figured that out by accident. I didn't want to spend $10+ on a styrofoam wreath form so I looked around my house and found...a lonely-looking wire hanger.
The first thing you want to do is bend your hanger into a circle.  Leave the hook part alone, you want that there so you can hang your wreath.  It doesn't have to be a perfect circle.  The pom poms are going to be covering it and they are very forgiving.

After your hanger is formed into a circle start tying on the pom poms.  Use the long strings that you left hanging out the pom poms when you made them to tie them around the hanger.

Keep tying the pom poms on all the way around the wreath form.  I worked with what I planned to be the back of my wreath facing up so all the strings would be in the back and then when I was done I went back and trimmed them.

I wanted my wreath to be really full so I just keep putting on more and more pom poms pushing them together and positioning them as I went.  Once I thought it was all ready to hang I picked up the wreath and gravity took over.  The pom poms at the top slid down a little bit on either side exposing some of the wire hanger near the top.   I made a few more pom poms and tied them on until I was finally happy with my wreath.

I originally planned to add a wood plaque that I made reading 'Love Lives Here' to the wreath, but at the last minute I changed my mind.  I wasn't loving it.  The color wasn't quite right and I thought it detracted from the wreath.

So instead I cut out 5 felt hearts and hot glued them onto a piece of yarn that I tied around the wire hanger.

I simply hung the hanger hook on my wreath hanger and with all the pom poms you can barely see it.

I absolutely love how this Valentine's Day pom pom wreath turned out.

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