Thursday, February 27, 2014

Easy Way to Digitally Save Kids' Art / School Projects

With kids come mounds of toys and piles of paper.  The art projects can stack up fast.  I don't like throwing my kiddos' precious masterpieces away, but the bins of arts and crafts and scribbles are out of control already and my oldest is only in kindergarten!  Yikes!

Last week I shared a fun way to display some of those kids art projects and today I wanted to share a little mommy hack that saves me tons of space without the guilt of tossing all.those.papers.

A few months ago I heard about this free app called ArtKive (don't you love the play on words?).  I've been using it recently and let me tell you it's a life (and counter) saver.

No longer do I have a pile of papers from my daughter's school folder stacked neatly on the edge of my counter.   Instead, I go through her school folder and snap digital photos of pictures she's drawn or handwriting practice with my camera phone.  You can do this directly through the Artkive app or you can take the pictures with the camera phone and then send them to Artkive later to file and add captions.


Once the photos are in Artkive you can assign them to folders broken down by each child and then each child's grade or age.

I like the caption feature because my daughter's spelling is still a little difficult to understand, at times. I ask her what the words are and then caption the photo that so I remember.   Now 10 years from now I'll know what 'Fed bedr olrede' means. :)

Then at the end of the year or end of the school year, you can actually print a photo book - directly through Artkive - and all of your children's precious master pieces are preserved in one spot.  This makes it such an easy way to flip through their work and see their progress in school.  Plus, you eliminate all those bins...which let's face I doubt I would go back and look through anyway.

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