Thursday, March 13, 2014

Framed Burlap and Paper Flower Spring Sign

A few weeks back I shared a fun Pottery Barn knockoff using some picture frame mats.  I've finally gotten around to using the actual frames.  This is a really easy project and I love what it does for my mantel as we head into spring.

The frame was originally gold.  It was okay, but I liked how the chippy paint frame of my DIY chalkboard came out so much, I decided I would do the same thing here.

I painted two coats of DIY white chalkpaint on the frame - letting it dry between coats.  Once the second coat was dry I sanded it down in spots so the gold could peek through.

I used PicMonkey to design the spring quote.  I saved it as a JPEG and then opened it up in Powerpoint.  I'm pretty sure you can just print it without opening in PP, but I like to make sure the sizing is right.

Then I printed it out on burlap.  (Click here for my tutorial on printing on burlap).

I slipped the glass back into place, then the  printed burlap piece and the backing.  I finished her up by adding a 3D paper flower that cut on my Silhouette.

If you don't have a Silhouette, you could cut one out by hand. Just trace an image of a flower and cut it out in a several different sizes and attach it with a brad.

I added a dab of hot glue to attach the flower and the flower added just the pop of spring color I was looking for.

What spring crafts are you working on? Share with us in the comments below.

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