Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY Coasters with Mod Podge and Napkins {And a Giveaway}

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Can you ever have too many coasters? They make great, inexpensive gifts and even if you keep them for yourself they're a great way to add a little color and personality to a room - while being totally functional.  During a recent trick to Dollar General I picked up the April issue of All You Magazine (totally scored using this $1 off coupon - get it while supplies last). 

While I was flipping through the pages, my eye caught a tutorial on decorating Easter eggs with napkins and mod podge. I could do that...on coasters!

These DIY coasters are super inexpensive to make and if you can find the perfect napkins, they'll match your taste and decor spot on. Or you could even make a new set for every season and holiday!

For this project, all you'll need are some plain tiles - I went with 4" x 4" tumbled tiles, but if you prefer a more smooth and sleek look a plain white tile would work, too. You can find them in packs of 8 or 10 for less than $4 or $5 at the hardware store. You'll also need a pack of patterned napkins, matte mod podge, scissors and a foam brush to apply the mod podge.

Start by unfolding one or two napkins completely.  There will be two layers of thin paper. Keep them together for now, it's easier to cut this way.  You'll separate the layers out after your finish cutting.


Cut your the designs you'd like use on your coasters. I went with a couple of flowers and a butterfly.

Once you get your designs cut out, separate the thin pieces of napkin so you just have one very thin piece.  You won't need the backing piece, just the printed piece.

Using the foam brush, paint a thin layer of mod podge over the entire coaster. If you're design is going to wrap around the side, you'll want to put mod podge along the edge and side, too.

Then carefully place your design onto the tile and smooth it out with your finger.  Work slowly and carefully so the paper doesn't tear.   You can add several of the napkin designs overlapping them, if you like.

Once the napkin designs are smooth on the tile, paint another layer of mod podge over top the entire tile - even the areas where there is no napkin.   Be careful around the edges of the napkin - it wants to pull up or fold over if you're not gentle.

Let the mod podge dry completely.  Add two more coats of mod podge letting each coat dry between applications.  It's a good idea to add four cork circles in each corner on the bottom of the coasters to prevent scratching

That's all there is to it!

All You Magazine is full of great decorating and cooking ideas - all on a budget.  You can pick up the magazine - in Dollar General stores nationwide - using this $1 off coupon while supplies last.  And that's not all, my friends! I promised you a giveaway so here it about $50 to Dollar General? That's what I thought!

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