Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Hull Strawberries With a Straw

Over the Memorial Day Weekend we took the kids strawberry picking for the first time. They loved it and I'm pretty sure they picked their weight in strawberries.  

Since I've been busy passing out strawberry snacks for what is going on five days now...I thought I'd share a really easy and fast way I discovered to hull strawberries.

Wash all the strawberries...duh.

Get a plastic straw.  I just used a bendy straw, but it's best and easiest to use on that's pretty sturdy and wide. Think: milkshake straws!

Hold the strawberry in one hand with the stem at the top.   From the bottom of the berry, carefully push the end of the straw through the fruit.

Push the straw all the way through hulling the strawberry and popping off the stem.

Now you're left with just a small hole in the middle.  I love that with this trick I'm not wasting any of the sweet and delicious strawberry.

Isn't that awesome?  It made hulling all those strawberries so fast!

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