Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Family-Friendly Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer!

I have been trying to get my soon-to-be first grader to do her summer school work for weeks...but she keeps insisting "It's not summer until June 21."  That means starting tomorrow she'll be on board, right?  I think we'll push it off until Monday since this year the first day of summer is a Saturday and I want to get everyone outdoors for a fun family day!

Katie is joining us today on behalf of Hefty with a guest post and some fun outdoor ideas for spending the first day of summer somewhere other than hunched over a desk doing work.  I'll let Katie take it from here...

June 21st is the first day of summer this year.  Since it is on a Saturday this year, it is the perfect day to fit in all sorts of outdoor activities!  The first day of summer is actually the longest day of the year (from sunrise to sunset), so that means you will have plenty of time to fit everything in. 

Here are just a few ways to enjoy the summer solstice:

Enjoy a picnic! 
Pack a homemade lunch and head off on a picnic with your family or friends. Sandwiches, watermelon, strawberries, and cookies are just some of the snacks that you could bring along.  Don’t forget to pack a blanket to lay everything out on.  Foam bowls would be helpful, too, since watermelon can be really messy!

Explore a state park
Summer is all about spending time outdoors because it is finally warm enough outside to do so!  Bring some bug spray and sunscreen and walk around your nearest park for the day.  It won’t be too expensive so you can enjoy sightseeing without breaking the bank.

Go swimming 
Swimming is one of the most summery activities that exist, so how can you not consider swimming on the very first day of summer?  Whether you find a lake, ocean, or pool, just jump in and cool off!  (Make sure it’s safe for swimming, though, first.)

Create your own ice cream
Ice cream is another one of those icons of summer, so you could make some of your own ice cream for the first day of summer to celebrate.  Throwing some fresh fruit into the mix would add a nice, fresh flavor to your ice cream.

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Mix homemade lemonade 
What’s summer without lemonade?  First, heat sugar and water together; then add lemon juice from fresh lemons and additional cold water.  Everyone likes different levels of sugar, water, and lemon juice in lemonade, so this can be changed to suit you and your family’s tastes.

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Host a block party 
Hold a neighborhood party outside, since the sun will be out for longer on this day and everyone can enjoy the warm weather.  You could make a cute bunting and signs to decorate the refreshments tables, too!

Eat s’mores at sunset
Once the sun finally does go down, you can fit in one more summer activity in your day.  Whether you have a fire pit, a grill, or a mini s’mores maker, any of these would work to create the perfect summer dessert.  Have graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate all prepared in large plastic bags so that everyone can easily make s’mores.

Author Bio: This is a guest post by Katie F. on behalf of Hefty®. Visit to find products like trash bags and more that can help you out with your busy life.

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