Monday, July 22, 2013

PHOTOS: Baby Nursery Furniture Makeover REVEAL

Apparently Stephanie will be all ready when she finally decides to give me a little niece or nephew.  She and her husband have been working hard over the last few weeks days (they work fast!) on restoring her old bedroom furniture.  They are using it in what will eventually be their baby nursery...whenever the time comes (hint, hint/wink wink/nudge nudge). 

All I have to say is the before and after photos of the dresser and side tables are stunning.   It's honestly amazing what a little a lot of sanding, paint, stain, and new hardware will do!

Check out these amazing before and after pictures and check back later this week for the DIY tutorial on just how they transformed these pieces.



Amazing, right? I'm so impressed, I may drop off a few of my old pieces over there.

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