Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Toot, Toot: We're featured on Hometalk!

Hear that? Yup, that's the sound of us tooting our own horn. Cause guess what peeps....two months after launching 2IY we're featured on Hometalk.   It's just a little website that boasts itself as the "largest home & garden knowledge hub on the web."  With millions of users and 542,187 (and counting) faithful Facebook's a like kind of, sort of, maybe a big deal. 

That's right, these girls right here were recently asked by the Hometalk editors to curate a special clip board featuring some of the best and most genius (again just a little toot toot) DIY dowel projects. If it sounds kinda random, it is...but let me explain how this all got started and why we're so freaking excited about this...

See this DIY craft supply caddy? Yeah, I made that a few weeks ago for my craft room. I used an old lazy susan I found at the thrift store, drilled a hole into it for a dowel and it turned into an instant ribbon holder. That caught the eye of the Hometalk editors...and that led them to ask me to put together a list of other totally awesome dowel projects so without further ado here you are....

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