Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY Chalk Paint...way cheap and just 3 ingredients

Have you ever used chalk paint?  Not chalkboard paint just chalk paint.  Annie Sloan is the go to for this thick paint that goes on easy and smooth and doesn't require hardly any prep work like sanding or primer.   It's ideal for painting furniture because it covers well and is great for distressing. 

However, for all the good there is one big downfall: the stuff comes with a pretty steep price tag.  Think around the $40 mark for a fairly small container.

Anyway, I decided before I shelled out the big bucks for some Anne Sloan Chalk Paint I would try the DIY version.
I found a few different recipes for DIY chalk paint and decided to give this one a try:

1 part hot water 
1 part Plaster of Paris 
3 parts water-based paint

Heat the water and mix in the plaster of paris until it completely dissolves and becomes smooth. Then
pour in the paint and mix again. (My 5 year old was happy to help!)

If it gets too thick or lumpy like this...just a add a little bit more water.

Once you get a good consistency, start painting and distressing. 
I told you the coverage on this stuff is no joke!  This is after just one coat.

I used my DIY chalk paint in white on the wood sign I made out of a piece of pallet board.  My board is very distressed and I played around with using paint and stain which is why the ends don't look like they are covered in paint.  I couldn't be happier with how it all came together - and for just a few dollars!  Next time I think I'll try some fun color!

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