Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Small bathroom makeover: $100 budget challenge

We have 2.5 bathrooms...and lucky for me (okay, not so much) all of them need some updating (don't get me started on the demo needed in the master or the total reno needed in the kids/guest room bathroom).

The main floor powder room will far and away be the smallest project and really just requires some DIY TLC.  The Mr. is all about hiring out - but I'm not trying to spend my kids' college fund on the rooms where my kids pee and poop all over.  So...I've set a very tight budget for the powder room: a mere $100.  Yes, I recognize the craziness of this, but I figure if I set it low and plan ahead I can do it.  Pretty much everything is cosmetic and I am pretty sure I can do it all myself.

Okay, so here's what the bathroom looks like now. (I was literally standing in the coat closet across the hall to take this picture.) It's the same as it was 2.5 years ago when we moved into our home (I do have an excuse for not updating it until now and that is that my youngest was born 3 WEEKS after we made the out-of-state move.)

 Allow me to point out the green paint that's peeking out from under the yellow in several spots.

Oh and look, there's a hole in the drywall where little hands pulled the towel ring off right out of the wall.  At least they're washing and drying I keep telling myself.
How about the fact that there's nothing but a tiny nail above the toilet? (Let's play where's Waldo and see if you can spot it!)

Don't you love these beautiful brown swirly glass shades on the light fixture?  Help me!

Do you hate the naked window as much as I do? I got so sick of it, I started making a DIY curtain rod, but don't want to finish it until I get my color theme finalized.


Oh, and perhaps the biggest issue is the total lack of, where do I keep the baby wipes and the Clorox wipes needed to wipe up the pee that my 2 year old sprays everywhere but the toilet including on the floor and down his legs?  Thank you, pedestal sink you have come in handy for for being a catchall.

Nevermind the gold fish, I have no idea...

Now, here's what I'd like the bathroom to look like when it's walls, bead board topped with trim, dark wood, and storage.

The fact is...with a $100 budget the vanity isn't going to happen.  Quite simply, it would eat the entire budget and then some.  My husband's argument is to just get it and spend a little a lot more. To be honest, I don't even know if a vanity would fit in this tiny bathroom given how the door opens. 

Here's what I do have planned and what will fit in my budget (and yes, I've been pin happy getting inspiration and ideas for this project):

A coat of blue paint on the walls
Cost: $0 (I already have a full can of paint, it was a screw up color from the master bedroom makeover project)

Beadboard Wallpaper on the bottom half of the walls (I'm going with the wallpaper instead of paneling because it's easier to install and less expensive)
Cost: $24.95 per roll, one roll needed; Wallpaper paste: $10 (Both at Home Depot)

DIY Wood Shelf for above the toilet
Cost: $10 for wood and rope
Change all existing hardware to oil rubbed bronze by spray painting
Cost:  $3.77 at Walmart

Existing bathroom light fixture will be updated with mason jars to replace current glass shades
Cost Estimate: $5

Total: $56.72 so far...

I don't have the current cost for the trim for above the bead board wallpaper because I am not brave enough to bring my two shadows to the hardware store with me, but that's the last major expense.

The above listed projects bring me to just over $56 which leaves me with almost half my budget for:
  • trim 
  • waste basket
  • baskets and accessories for the shelf
  • window treatment (I am considering making another drop cloth valance which would be free since I already have the drop cloth). 
  • updated mirror (if budget allows)
  • miscellaneous expenses
I plan to get started on in the next month or so when my daughter goes to kindergarten and my son starts pre-school giving me nine glorious kid-free hours a week!  Love them, but can't get much done with them "helping."

What projects have you completed on a tight budget and how have you incorporated DIY projects to keep them within your price range?


  1. Can't wait to see the end results!

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