Sunday, August 18, 2013

Entertainment center to DIY storage bench

Hey guys Steph here...
We recently got a new entertainment center, but I had trouble selling my old one.  Instead of just throw it out I decided to re-purpose it into a DIY storage bench with storage slots underneath for baskets.  It's the perfect addition to our playroom and workout area.

The entertainment center was made of that really heavy - but not super great quality - fiberboard.  We actually disassembled it and then used some of the pieces to build a homemade storage bench.

The great thing about doing this is we could customize it to our liking - and all the pieces were already cut to size for us.

We used screws to put it all back together and then I made a cushion for the top.

Instead of buying expensive foam for the cushion I actually used an egg crate carton mattress cover from Home Depot and covered it with some fun material.  I added a bunch of inexpensive baskets underneath.

How awesome is this! I love when stuff like this comes together.

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