Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY glass bottle or mason jar soap dispenser

Another project from the $100 bathroom makeover file...this one is a cute little soap dispenser made from a mason jar.   I actually liked the way it turned out so much I made a second one - but instead of using a mason jar (I didn't have any more), I used a glass food jar that otherwise would have gone to recycling.

If you have a store-bought bottle of pump hand soap, you can use the pump from there since you'll be replacing the plastic bottle with your new mason jar soap dispenser (right?).

 Otherwise, you'll need to purchase a soap hand pump. Here are a few different options available from Amazon:


This works the same way for both the glass jar and the mason jar so just use whichever you have on hand.  To get started, take the lid off your jar.  If you're using a mason jar, take the flat part of the lid only and use a hammer and small nail to puncture holes in the top of the lid.

You want to make a small round circle in the center.   You probably won't be able to make the holes exactly next to each other, but if you turn the lid over and start punching from the opposite side, you can punch holes in between what you have.  This will allow break down the lid and soon you'll be able to use a pair of needle nose pliers to tear out the center circle.

Then, take your pump and slide it through the hole.  You want the hole to be small enough that it holds the pump tight in place, but you need it large enough that this wider "neck" at the top of the pump can get through and your pump can sit snugly.  Tip: If you want, you can add a line of glue around the opening to keep it in place.

It's likely that the straw part of the pump will be too long, so just take a pair of scissors and clip it a little bit at a time until it sits nicely just above the bottom of the jar.

Now, pour in your soap and screw on the top and you're done.  If you put a line of glue around the opening, tie a piece of twine or jute rope around the top to hide the glue.

If you're using a glass food jar, you may want to decorate it.  I printed out a cute little label that I made on..wait for it...wait for it... Powerpoint (my secret weapon).
Then I used some mod podge to adhere it to my soap dispenser jar and I finished it up by spray painting the gold lid white.   

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