Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cheap wall art: Fabric covered shoe box lids

Not wanting to let about a quarter yard of this beautiful fabric (it's Pom Pon Play Spa by HGTV/Walvery) go to waste after creating my 15 minute window valance for the powder room, I decided I would make some cheap wall art with the rest.   This is a really easy project and one that even the kids can help with - provided you don't mind cleaning up a little mod podge.

You'll need a few shoe box lids in various sizes, mod podge, a sponge or paint brush, a hot glue gun, and a few clips are helpful - but not necessary.  I stole four shoe box lids from the closets in our house.  It turned out I only had enough fabric to cover three - actually I kinda cheated.  My fabric would really only cover two because of the large size of the lids, but you know the cardinal rule of decorating don't you - arrange things in groups of three or five.

In order to cover three lids I actually cut two of them in half and then slid both halves back together so they would be a little narrower.  I just used a some tape to hold them together. Now that they're covered in fabric you can't even tell that I hacked them.

I positioned all of my lids (top down) on the fabric before I started just to make sure the design on the material worked.  I rearranged a few times before I started cutting.  When you cut be sure to leave enough fabric on each side of the lid that you'll be able to fold it over the sides and ideally into the inside of the show box lid.

Now it's time to start gluing your fabric to the lids.   I worked on the tops of the lids first and then moved to the sides after the tops were firmly attached.  Using your sponge brush or paint brush put a generous amount of mod podge all over the top of the box lid.

Then flip it over and press it to the wrong/back side of the fabric.  If you have something heavy like a book, you can put it on top to add some extra weight.

Once the fabric is attached to the tops, repeat the mod podge process on the sides.  I worked on two sides at a time and used clips to keep the fabric firmly against the edge while it dried.  The remaining two sides I folded like a present and mod podged, as well.  You may need to also add a dot of hot glue here.

After all four sides were dry, I folded any remaining material over onto the inside of the box lid and used a generous amount of hot glue to keep it all in place.

And that's it - your fabric covered art is ready to create a mini wall gallery.

I opted not to put my fabric covered shoebox lids in the powder room where I have the valance in the same fabric.  I thought it would be overkill in such a small pace especially considering the other accessories I created to coordinate.

Instead, I hung them in my master bathroom and I love what they add to the space. If you like them too, we'd love for you to pin this project!

Thanks for stopping by 2IY. 


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