Monday, September 9, 2013

Easy Fall or Autumn Burlap Banner (Free Printables)

Oh, how I love when the season changes and my decor must change with it.  If you've been following along you know I've been working on a few natural elements for my fall mantle like these Pottery Barn knockoff tree branch candle sticks and these gold spray painted (properly cleaned and dried) acorns.  I also recently picked up a big ol' white wooden pumpkin at TJ Maxx for the floor next to the fireplace, but I still felt like something was missing.

I decided to take a note from my July 4th burlap banner and make a FALL banner to complete the look.   My mirror above the fireplace isn't too large which is why I went with 'Fall', but if you have a larger space, you could also make an "Autumn" banner/bunting.

I just need to point out, this was seriously in I whipped it up (including finding the font) while my 2 year old was watching a 24-minute episode of Mickey Mouse Club House.

I downloaded the free "Return to Sender" font and then got to work.  You know how loyal I am to Powerpoint, so I started there with putting two letters on each font is size 400 and I placed on letter upside-down so there would be enough room to cut two flags out of each piece of cardstock paper.  My first go-round I did not include the triangle outline and that's when I realized I am a terrible free-hand triangle cutter.  So I went back to Powerpoint and added the triangle (no fill, line only) around each letter.   I put the first triangle around the first letter and then copied it to ensure the triangles were all the same size.  (Or just cheat and get these flags as **FREE PRINTABLES** here)

Since it included the triangle when I printed it, I was able to just cut right on the line.  Just like pre-school, right?  Yes, even your 4 year old could probably handle this.

Next, I simply laid each flag on a piece of burlap and cut about an half inch away from the paper triangle all the way around.

I used some jute rope that I had on hand (twine or string or ribbon would work too) and I two mini clothes pin to hold each of the flags on the rope. 

And fall mantle is complete.  What do you think? If you love it, we'd love for you to pin it! 

PS. I promise the tutorial for that DIY wood clock is coming....

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