Thursday, October 17, 2013

$35 Kitchen Table Makeover

Well, hello, there gorgeous! If you follow us on Instagram (and you do, don't you?!) you've been seeing this table makeover.

Well now it's finally done.  Can we all just take a minute and admire her.  Can you believe some sandpaper, stain, and paint turned a thrifted table into that?!

Steph picked up this table for a mere $35.  It's a standard wooden table not in too bad of shape, but nothing too exciting either.  She didn't come with any chairs and she didn't come up much personality, either.

But I'd be willing to bet the woman who gave her up for that price would be kicking herself if she saw what a few bucks and a couple of hours of elbow grease did for this beauty.

Steph's inspiration for the two-tone table was this $800 version..and we think they nailed it!

To get the look for less Stephanie and her husband sanded down the top and added a dark stain.  If you're wondering, it took five coats to get the table top looking this good.

Then they painted the legs white and added a coat of polyureathane to seal the top and protect against scratches.  This is a super important step for pieces that are high traffic like a kitchen table.


The next big challenge was finding a set of chairs.  They were able to find a set of four matching chairs, but they too needed a little TLC.

The seats will soon be stained and the legs and backs will be painted white to match the table.

Until then...we'll be happy to stand around this lovely 'new' kitchen table.

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