Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to Make a {Real, Lighted} Pumpkin Topiary

I have been drooling over all the gorgeous pumpkin topiaries on Pinterest for the last month or so.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my front porch could definitely use some sprucing up.  After I scored five flower pots for $5 I decided I had a perfect excuse - not to mention a perfect base - for a pumpkin topiary.

I've been on the hunt for some large inexpensive fake pumpkins, but those babies don't come cheap in the peak of the season.  I plan to buy a few after Halloween when they're marked down on clearance, but this year I decided instead of going without I would go with a cheaper - real - version.  The problem with real pumpkins is they are heavy, they are not symmetrical, you can not drill into them (to use a dowel for support) or they'll rot within days.  Honestly, they're not ideal for a pumpkin topiary - but they are the cheapest way to go.  And with a few tweaks it is possible to make a real tiered pumpkin topiary, even one that's illuminated.

I started by spray painting my flower pot black.  

Then I placed the largest pumpkin - stem down - into the base.

Initially, I wanted to have a three-tier topiary, but after an hour of work and an hour of admiration it toppled.

Back to square one where I decided to add some weight to the pot by filling a plastic bag with sand.   I put the largest pumpkin on the bottom again, but this time only added one pumpkin on top so it wasn't so top heavy.  I topped it with a burlap "bow" that I quickly made by folding burlap over itself over and over again and tying in the center with jute rope.   It's staying in place with some a lot of spray adhesive.  I printed out the monogram and then used spray adhesive to adhere it to the pumpkin before finishing it with a layer of mod podge.

Since this is another project where I shopped my house instead of the store for all the supplies - except the pumpkins - I went scrounging around my basement and came out with a bunch of random stuff.  I landed on garland and a string of white lights to give my topiary a little 'bling.'  Not to mention it lights up our front porch at night - which I love!  Any excuse to get the Christmas lights out early, right?!

Since I had a few extra pumpkins, I decided to make a second topiary for the other side of the front door.   I didn't have an identical pot so I tried to make it look similiar, but obviously different by leaving off the monogram, the burlap and by adding the mini pumpkin on top.

I finished it off by adding a scrap wood 'Trick or Treat' sign behind it.  (That tutorial's coming to the blog soon.) 

One of these days I'll find an inexpensive bench that I can decorate, but until then my lighted pumpkin topiaries will have to do.    I think they can hold their own for now, don't you?

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