Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yard Sale Nightstands Flip and ReSTOREd Challenge Update #2

Well, here we are more than half way through October and my ReSTOREd Seed Money Challenge is going strong. I'm currently working on my biggest piece of painted furniture yet. I'm hoping to get it up for sale by the end of this week - that is if I can part with it. It's a beauty, if I do say so.

So far I've sold four pieces - well, technically five you if count the set of matching nightstands as two.  These babies really plumped up my Seed Money Challenge Fund.

I found them on a local Facebook page where individuals sell stuff.  They came complete with yard sale stickers, because they clearly hadn't sold at $10 a piece.  The seller was still asking $20 for the set, but I haggled her down to $15 and she was happy to just get rid of them.

As you can see, they were pretty u.g.l.y....complete with wood flowery thing on the front.  I peeled that thing off one of them before I even took them out of my car and put them into the garage.


Ironically, they were the exact same color as the first nightstand I painted, which I use in my own gray and white master bedroom.  Since the feedback on the two-tone was so positive, I decided to stick with that. 

I made up some chalk paint and painted the bases white and the drawers and side panels gray (Ben Moore Revere Pewter).

A few coats of polycryclic and new hardware and these two were ready to go.  I put them up for sale as a set and they sold within a few hours.

And that brings me back to my ReSTOREd Challenge.  The nightstands cost me a total of $21 between the actual pieces of furniture, the paint supplies, and the new hardware.  The set sold for $100 which is a great deal for me and a great deal for the buyer, don't you think?! I sure love when everyone wins.

Speaking of the rate I'm going I'm gonna 'win' my Seed Money Challenge with plenty of time to spare.   Here's a quick update on my challenge which I started using $140 I made at our recent yard sale.  I am trying to triple that money by the end of the year by buying thrifted or free furniture, painting it and reselling it.

If you haven't been following along, you can catch my first update on the Seed Money Challenge here.  Since then...I purchased a three drawer dresser with a large solid wood mirror for $45.

I took them apart and sold them separately since the dresser (not yet on sale) will no longer be a dresser.  The mirror sold for $35 and I think that was a steal.  Pottery Barn has a very similar mirror, the same size and it sells for...are you ready for this??...$299!

Since purchasing the dresser/mirror combo I have poured a decent amount of money into supplies including paint, hardware, stain, and baskets (you're curious now, aren't you?). I haven't set a price for the dresser yet, but it could potentially get me to my goal of $420 if it sells for what I'm hoping (and thinking) it will. 

I also finally sold that little blue and white vintage table that I purchased for $25.  I repainted it red and went like a hotcake at $65.   I have to say, I was very sad to part with it and was secretly hoping it might not sell so I could keep it all to myself.  But a challenge is a challenge...

Oh, and see that glass lamp right there?  That's part of the ReSTOREd Challenge too, but I'm still working on a shade for it.  I stole that white one off one of my lamps for the picture.

Here's a quick look at the ReSTOREd Seed Money Challenge numbers to date:

Furniture Purchase Price  Sale  Price     Seed Money
SEED $ xx xx $140
Red Cabinet $52 $100 $188
Set of Nightstands $21 $100 $267
Vintage Table $25 $65 $307
Dresser & Mirror $72      sold sep. $235
   - Mirror
$35 $270
   -Dresser              NYS                ???

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