Friday, November 22, 2013

How to cut burlap without fraying (and straight)

It only took me countless burlap projects and even more times emptying my burlap fuzz-filled vacuum cleaner to figure this out - but I have finally found the trick to cutting burlap without it fraying.  What's even better is this method also guarantees a straight cut on this notoriously hard-to-cut fabric.

Lay the burlap out on a flat surface and use a tape measure to determine exactly where you want to cut the burlap.


Focus in on the vertical strand of burlap at the exact spot where you want to cut.  Use a pin or needle to pull that piece of burlap up away from the rest of the fabric.

The rest of the burlap will start to scrunch up as you pull.

When you can get your finger around the strand you pulled up, pull it all the way out of the fabric.  Now you will have a space where there is no vertical strand.

Cut in that line and you will no only cut the burlap straight, but also prevent it from fraying.

While cutting this way will stop the burlap from fraying, if you want to ensure no other strands come loose, sew a zig zag stitch on the raw end and this will prevent any further fraying.

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