Thursday, December 26, 2013

DIY Faux Chalkboard Menu Board

My husband and I recently hosted a small dinner party for about four other couples.   Since I wasn't doing much in the way of decorations - my house is already decked out for Christmas - I decided I would just do a few extra special party decorations.  I had been given a free trial upgrade by PicMonkey to use their Royale Package I decided to make a Faux Chalkboard Menu Board.  It came out awesome - despite my misspelling on Nutella (sorry 'bout that, 'Tella- I hope we can still be BFFs).   More on why I didn't fix it in a minute...but first how I made it using PicMonkey.

I started by "creating a design."  Since I was printing it at home and wanted it to be as large as possible, I selected the 8 x 10 canvas.   Using the chalkboard background in the 'School' theme, I was able to make the entire canvas a faux chalkboard.  Then I added an overlay at the top and made it transparent before adding my "Menu" text.

Then it was time to start adding my menu items.  I used all the different chalkboard-like fonts available on PicMonkey.  Some of them are part of the standard free package, and a few like Sketch Block and Stroke Dimension I could only gain access to because I had the free trial of PicMonkey's Royale (indicated by the little crown).  

I played around with the font sizes and positions until I filled my entire chalkboard.  It took me about 10 minutes from start to finish - but that's only because I couldn't leave well enough alone.
 Once I was finished, I downloaded it and printed it out.  As you can probably guess, this thing uses a lot of printer ink. The first time I printed it, half of it came out black as it should and half of it was miscolored.  It took me two more prints to realize it was because my blue ink cartridge was nearly out.  Finally  - on the fourth try it printed correctly.   That's when I noticed the spelling error.   Errrr.

One of the only downsides to PicMonkey is that once you save and download your design and then close the program, you can't re-open them in PicMonkey to edit any mistakes.   In order to remove that stray "T" I would have had to re-make my entire chalkboard menu.  Plus, I would have had to print it again...and quite honestly, ink for my printer is so expensive and my time was so crunched - I opted not to fix it.

Let's just hope everyone was feeling tipsy enough on the spiked cranberry punch that they didn't notice the spelling error.

By the way - if you'd like to try PicMonkey's Royale pack for free - you can do so for a full day by using this link(I have no affiliate connection or association with PicMonkey, I just enjoy using the free online editor.) 

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