Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Video: Hometalk Hangout features 2IY's Tomato Planter Christmas Tree Demo

So...I did it.  I jumped in front of the camera as much as I'd rather be on the other side (I spent 5+ years behind it as a TV news producer before calling it quits to raise my kiddos) just so I could participate in a really cool opportunity with Hometalk.

The home and garden website invited me and three other bloggers - Shelly from Sow and Dippity, Jocie from The Better Half/One Project Closer, and Marie from Fort Ledbetter - to share and demonstrate our DIY mini Christmas trees.   Wow! What amazing talent these ladies have...I was just honored to be sitting amongst them...in my living room.

We each joined Miriam, our Hometalk host, for the live half hour chat and demo. I shared how to make my mini tomato planter Christmas tree which I made for about $2.  In case you missed the live stream - or if you just want to watch it again (mom!) - here's the full video.  I encourage you to watch the full hangout because all of the trees are totally awesome (and so different), but if you just wanna see my mug I start my demo at about 13 minutes in.

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