Sunday, November 24, 2013

$2 DIY Small Potted Christmas Trees from Patio Tomato Planter

This is one of those projects that just sort of hit me. I wasn't planning on making a small potted Christmas tree - as I am in the middle of making two 4' artificial trees for my front porch - but when I spotted my very sad looking tomato plant on my patio I had an 'ah ha' moment, as Oprah would say.

This is really a very easy project and since I already had the tomato container ($10 when I bought it in the spring), scrap burlap, and left over spray paint it only cost me $2 for 30 feet of garland from the dollar store.

Of course, I started by emptying out and cleaning the pot.   Then I spray painted the bottom with Rust Oleoum's textured spray paint Desert Sand which I had left over from another project. This stuff doesn't cover as well - or as evenly - as it's non-textured cousin so you'll probably need more than you think.   I think if I was to make another one of these mini trees I would use burlap and mod podge to cover the base.

Once the paint was dry, I wrapped two pieces of 15' garland (Dollar Tree sells 15' for a $1) around the cage part of the tomato stake starting closest to the pot to make the mini tree.  My 2 year old insisted it should be a Mickey tree which cracked me up.  

Since it's pretty small, and I'm lighting the 4' trees, I left the lights off and topped my small potted Christmas tree with an easy to make burlap bow.   I always use a spotlight to light up my rather small front porch so felt like I needed to edit myself and not overdo the mini (er...Mickey) tree.

To keep the tree from tipping I am going to put a brick or some rocks in the bottom once I set it out there for good.  The photo below was just a quickie photo op as I'm nervous the Thanksgiving police (aka my husband) will be after me if I decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  So consider this a sneak peek...

For the tutorial on the 30 second no sew burlap bow I used to top my mini Christmas tree click here. The tutorial on the 4' Christmas Trees is coming very soon!  And you can find the 'how to' on the Pottery Barn inspired Wood Christmas Sign here.

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