Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to make 3D paper hearts for Valentine's Day crafts

Don't curse me for already bringing up the V word...but when it comes to holidays, especially, I try to work ahead to give all of my lovely readers time to make and enjoy their homemade decorations.

With that being I present you with my first Valentine's Day DIY project.  This is one of those basic craft projects that, once made, can be used in so many different ways.  Are you ready to make some 3D paper hearts? 

Making 3 dimensional hearts out of paper is actually pretty easy.  First you're going to want to make a heart stencil.   This part is important because for each 3D paper heart, you'll need to cut out four hearts that are exactly the same size.

So...go on....make your stencil.  I'll wait (tapping, tapping, tapping).

Now, place your stencil on the back of one of your pieces of paper.  Trace your stencil and cut out  the heart. 

Glue these two hearts together with the back sides of the paper together.  Repeat this step one more time.  You can use the same pattern paper or coordinating paper.

Now you should have two hearts each with the right side of the paper showing when you flip it over.

On one set of hearts, cut down to the center of the heart from the low point between the 'humps'.  What are they called?  On the other heart, cut up to the center from the bottom tip.

Slide the hearts together at the cuts.

Use a hole punch to make a little hole where you can add ribbon or string to hang your hearts.  You can make a paper heart garland or hang paper hearts from where ever your heart desires.

You can make paper hearts in any size...personally, I love the minis.

If you have a Silhouette or Cricut or another paper cutting machine making these 3D paper hearts is even easier.  I can not figure out how to share the studio file (I am a Silhouette virgin, so forgive me) but here's a screen shot of what my file looked like to make 3 3D hearts at a time.  Every outline is where a cut was made and each heart has an exact reflection to make sure that they fit together perfectly.

I'll be sharing how I used my mini 3D paper hearts to decorate for Valentine's Day in just a few days so check by soon.
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