Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Photos: We Got Our Craft On at the Hometalk & Michaels Pinterest Party

Well, stick a feather in my cap, I have officially made my first 'public appearance' as a blogger.  Hahha. That sounds kind of ridiculous...but I did wear an official-looking apron with a name tag AND I handed out business cards.  Apparently, I was so official people thought I worked at Michaels.   I actually wasn't working but having fun on a recent Sunday when I hosted a Pinterest Craft Party at my local Michaels store sponsored by Michaels and Hometalk.   Every Michaels store nationwide held the event and I have to say I'm thrilled with the turnout at my store.

During the three hour party, I had about 20-25 crafters come through ranging from children to grandmothers.  The group was a mix of personal friends and family and a few of my blog readers who happen to live locally.  Others were Michaels customers who had heard about the event and were just excited to have someone to craft with.  

Crafters picked one of six popular Pinterest projects and then got further inspiration from the 100+ projects crafted by the Hometalk bloggers hosting the Michaels Parties nationwide.


I created a boxwood birdcage for the event and had a few people who went with the birdcage project, as well.

By far, however, the stretched burlap and monograms were the most popular with crafters.  I was amazed at how crafters put their own spin on every project no matter what they picked and so glad everyone purchased their supplies and then stayed to craft with us. 

Here are a few more photos from my Michaels and Hometalk Craft Party...(I apologize in advance for the cell phone photos.)


To view a gallery of all of the host blogger's project click here.

A special thank you to Michaels for hosting the parties and especially to Hometalk for the hard work that went into all the planning and success of this event! 

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