Monday, February 17, 2014

HELP!! My Laundry Closet Needs a Makeover

Perhaps it's because I've been seeing the same four walls of my house for too many consecutive days this winter...that doing laundry actually feels like a retreat most days.  It's five or ten minutes that I can hide upstairs alone when no one is asking me for a drink or to find their Batman (no the other one) or calling from the toilet that "Mommy, there's a problem" only to find out the 'problem' is that he can't get his superhero underwear (oh sorry, mask) on his head without my help.  WHAT is going on!!???!!

Oh wait, I retreat upstairs to switch the laundry and I'm faced with this and it's like WHAM BAM thank you MA'AM this is no haven this is an ugly, inefficient, and scary small laundry room closet. 
I know I know it could be worse...I could be at the laundromat.

While I might be slightly exaggerating about some of it...I am not exaggerating when I call this a closet.  It actually used to be one.  The picture above was taken standing in my master bedroom across.the.hall.   All that floor you see is the hall not the laundry room.

While I do sooooo appreciate that the previous owners of our home moved the washer and dry to the very convenient second floor, I am forever hanging bras, bathing suits, gis (very large, heavy, stiff, stinky martial arts gis) and Lord knows what else over doors and door knobs all over the second floor just so they can dry.

The ironing board is in my craft room - a place my husband is so frightened to enter - he'd rather just wear a wrinkled pair of pants.  The lone laundry closet single shelf is so high, this 5' nothing mama can barely reach the button on the liquid detergent and therefore it drips all over the top of the washer every.single.time.

The cleaning supplies can't all fit in the cleaning bin so they're kind of just there...and there...and there.  And heaven forbid I need to reach them, I literally have to climb on top of the washer or dryer to get them.

I know there is a much better way.  I know there is a much prettier way.  I know there is a much more organized and efficient way.  I just need to find a way to fix it on a tight budget.  I'm sure if I can make over a powder room for $84, I can do a laundry room for the price of two tanks of gas, right?

My laundry room wish list goes like this...
  • Pretty Paint
  • A cabinet
  • Additional shelving
  • New light cover
  • Ironing board
  • Drying bar or rack
  • Stylish Organization
 ...and looks like this in my head (only better)

And I'm tackle the laundry room!

What do you love or hate about your laundry room? Leave me some comment love and some inspiration...I could use it! 

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