Monday, February 3, 2014

Websters Chalk Paint Powder REVIEW {And Giveaway}

Last week I shared a furniture makeover project in which I converted an old dresser drawer into a raised storage box.   The dresser was originally a solid wood stained piece with a poly finish.  It may have been someone else's cup of tea, but it wasn't mine and so I painted it.

If you've been following Two It Yourself for any length of time you know I prefer chalk paint when painting furniture.  I typically mix up a batch of DIY Chalk Paint, but for this project I was given the opportunity to test out Websters Chalk Paint Power.  This was my first experience with Websters and I have to say I am definitely impressed.

To use the chalk paint powder all you do is mix 2 tablespoons of the mix to 1 tablespoon of water until smooth and then add it to 1 cup of latex paint.   Websters Chalk Paint Powder mix makes the paint thicker - close to a pancake batter consistency.   Just be sure you mix the powder and the water well to get rid of any lumps.

I mixed my batch up in a plastic container and got to painting my dresser drawer.  That's right I did not sand down the finish. I did not prime the drawer. I did not do any type of prep work with the exception of filling the holes where the hardware had been.
The first coat went on evenly and thick, but wasn't enough to cover the dark wood.  Here's what the piece looked like after the first coat of chalk paint.

The paint dried in less than an hour. I added a second coat and I could tell as I was painting it on, it would be my last.  It covered so well and so evenly that this painted furniture project was literally done after that.  Here's what my storage box/drawer looked like after the second coat.  Beautiful, right?

Typically on furniture pieces there would be finishing steps like distressing, adding a finish coat, waxing or stain over paint. Those are all optional and options I typically take, but for this project I wanted a very matte finish so I simply left the drawer as is with no other finish....except that gold and white chevron wrapping paper.  (More on that here.)

So why chalk paint, you ask?  The thicker consistency of chalk paint means prep work is very limited.  It also makes it easy to distress and gives a great matte finish if that's what you're looking for.  It's durable and easy to paint with and it's forgiving.   For these reasons, the most well known brand - Annie Sloan - has made chalk paint a huge favorite for furniture painters and bloggers, but there are two big drawback - the price and the limited color palette.

Websters Chalk Paint Powder offers the benefits and ease of painting with the chalk paint, but without limited colors and without the price tag.  The 'budget friendly' powder mix made by Websters can be added to any color and any brand of latex paint.  A 4 oz bag of Websters retails for $13.95 and will make 4 cups of chalk paint.  That's enough for a full pint of paint. I used less than one cup of paint (2 tablespoons) on my storage drawer, which means I have plenty left over for another project.   The chalk paint powder isn't just for furniture - it can be used on cabinets, wood signs, antiques, crafts, and even walls.

If you're interested in learning more about Websters Chalk Paint Powder check out their websiteWebsters is available in select retailers nationwide - and in Canada, the UK, and Australia - or can be ordered online directly.

The great news is YOU can try out Websters Chalk Paint for your next project now, too! We've teamed up with Websters to give away a sample size pack to one lucky winner.  You can gain as many entry points as you wish by entering through the giveaway form below.

Disclaimer: Websters provided the Chalk Paint Powder to me, but as always all opinions are my own. 

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