Tuesday, February 4, 2014

7 Unique and Fun Ways to Hang Bathroom Towels (Guest Post)

Today we have a special guest blogger joining us.  Sue from the lovely (and very informative) blog My-Bathrooms Blog is here to share with us seven awesome tips on bathroom towel organization.  I'll let Sue take it from here...

With so much to be done and squeezed into the bathroom, it is hard to give this fiercely practical and functional room an attractive and charming finish. However, by choosing accessories carefully keeping your d├ęcor theme and chosen colors in mind, you will be able to fill your bathroom with color, appeal and plenty of useful storage space and practicality. 

A place to hang your towels is a perfect example of this. Instead of the standard dreary row of chrome hooks why not consider the following options?

Free Standing Towel Racks

Eke out precious space in your bathroom by investing in a freestanding towel rail that can be moved around the room as needed – even being popped outside the bathroom should it get overcrowded for any reason! Freestanding towel rails at Argos come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, and no matter how small your bathroom, you will be able to find one that suits your needs and fits into the available space.

Towel Rails (aka Towel Bars)
  Towel rails do not have to be the standard size ones picked up from any hardware store or bathroom showroom. Choose a series of smaller rails that will fit neatly onto a narrow piece of wall, or opt for bright colors that offset your color scheme. My Bathrooms has a huge variety of affordable towel rails and even heated towel rails that keeps your towel warm and makes you cozy after every bath.

Towel Hoops
Source: Fresh Design Blog
If the thought of hooks or rails bores you intensely, why not invest in a series of cheerful and attractive hoops each of which will hold one or two towels? You can easily fit a hoop into even a fairly small space, and giving each family member their own hoop will make sure that the towels are not muddled up in between uses. You can also try out your creative skills and make this DIY towel hoop for your bathroom.

Source: Real Simple
Instead of a line of hooks across the bathroom door, hang them in height order, enabling the smallest person to reach their towel as easily as the tallest. Allowing each person to choose their favorite color for their hook will go a long way to ensuring peace reigns at bath time.

Over-The-Door Storage

Sometimes landlords impose penalties or restrictions on their tenants making changes to walls and doors. If you have such a landlord, invest in some over-door features. These fit neatly into place, allowing the door to close for privacy and holding a great number of towels and other bathroom necessities – and the great thing is that you can simply unhook it and take it with you when it is time to move on!

Custom Towel Hangers

Source: Somewhat Simple Blog
 Buy, or make your own, fancy towel holders using asymmetrical shapes and painted funky colors to add a splash of unique color to your bathroom. You can make them all to match each other, or indulge your creativity and have them all completely different – you are limited only by your imagination.

Personalized Towel Hooks

Source: Finding My Aloha
  Buy a waterproof photo frame with hook at bottom (or, again, make your own) and give everyone a truly personalized towel hook of their very own. This not only looks great and allows you to display your family photographs of family members but it will dispel any doubts about which towel belongs to whom. 

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