Thursday, March 27, 2014

Construction & Work Zone Birthday Party Ideas

My little man is counting down the minutes until his third birthday. It's not for two months.  That must feel like a lifetime for a two year old.  He's been counting for months and months and months.  He's essentially been counting since his second birthday....which is where we're going to take a trip down memory lane to because way back then I wasn't such a great blogger.  Two It Yourself was just getting off the ground and I never thought to share all the amazing (I'm bias, yes) work zone party ideas I came up with for his party.

I spent weeks prepping for this party - everything from making each guest a Home Depot-style apron to ordering plastic construction hats and caution tape to figuring out the perfect construction birthday cake.  I have links to the majority of the tutorials so just click 'em as you see 'em!

Usually favors are handed out at the end of the party, but we did it a little bit differently.  Each guest joined Blake's Work Crew as they arrive -- with a construction hat and personalized tool belt.  I ordered the construction hats on Amazon and they can be found here.

I had left over drop cloth material from my upholstered headboard project so I made each of the 25 guests (What was I thinking with 25 1-5 year olds???) a tool belt complete with a personal Home Depot-inspired logo.  Aren't they just adorable!!

For decorations, I made construction zone bunting that read "Blake Digs 2." I found an image of the cone printed it on orange construction paper.  The letters for each cone were printed on white paper and then cut out to fit.  I taped each cone onto the caution tape since trying to cut and slide them onto the plastic tape caused the paper to rip.

I used caution tape where ever I could - including on the bathroom door.   Just a little adult humor at a 2 year old birthday part.

I also printed out construction zone signs to put around the house and made a larger "DIG IN" sign for the food table. 

I made mini constructions signs to label some of the food, as well.   Looking back I can't believe I made all those signs without my Silhouette... it's definitely possible, but my die cut machine would have saved me a lot of time!

For food, I made stop lights out of celery and tri-color peppers.  To cut the peppers into circles I used the opening of a small bottle and just popped them out.

I also made mac and cheese "speed bumps" which were just individual portions of mac and cheese that I baked in a muffin pan. 

We also had dirt balls (oreo truffles) and boulders (rice crispy balls) that were served in toy dump trucks.

The center piece was the cake and it was a HUGE hit.  It was also super easy to make and I am far from a cake decorator. Here's the tutorial for the DIY construction birthday cake.

I bought the entire pack of trucks at Target for $7.  But again, they're also available from Amazon.
I also had a couple of truck-related crafts and activities planned because the weather was not looking good...but the rain ended up holding off and we had a great day! 

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