Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY Front Door Spring Wreath

Another season, another wreath makeover here at Two It Yourself.  If you haven't caught on by now, I prefer to shop my home over the store and last week I went shopping.   Last week's hoist included this spring wreath.  It's seen better days on my front door, but I wasn't ready to completely let her go so I gave her a makeover.  The wreath is now hardly recognizable, but the job was a pretty easy one.

I removed about 85% of the flowers on the wreath to expose most of the grape vine. I removed all the blue hydrangeas and most of the white.  I did, however, leave a small group of white flowers that were all grouped together. 

Once I had everything I wanted off, I filled back in the with a few extra white stems and added a burlap hanger.  

My original plan was to put a moss covered monogram on the opposite side, but it just wasn't speaking to me.  Somehow the wreath I found on Pinterest, that had originally inspired me, just worked better...something wasn't quite right on my version.

I took off the moss covered letter and had the wreath hanging over the back of my front door waiting for me to be inspired.  At the same time, I had a burlap flag I was waiting to hang outside also hanging on the back side of the door.  That's when it hit me...I thought 'what if I put a burlap backdrop behind the wreath to really make it pop off the door?' 

 I cut a piece of burlap, folded over the top and sewed it closed to make a pocket for a dowel. 

When I put the wreath in front of it I still wasn't feeling it. For one thing, I didn't like that I could see the unfinished dowel. I fixed that by spray painting the ends black and using black floral wire to hang the burlap piece.  Even after those changes, I still felt like something was missing. 

I took it to my Instagram followers who agreed I needed something - perhaps a monogram - inside the wreath.  You know me and monograms are BFFs, but this time I went in another direction and instead used my Silhouette to cut 'Welcome' (Great Vibes font). 

It's just what my spring wreath needed..and now I love it!  It's something different and unique and most importantly...springy.

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