Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paint Sample Easter Egg Wreath (Kid-Friendly)

If you can't find the paint sample cards at your local hardware store, don't blame me..the Easter Bunny made me do it!   Isn't this little Easter Egg Wreath just too cute?  On a side note..do not send bad vibes my way for posting Easter crafts too early...I do it for you, I tell you, I do it for you.  I want you to have time to be creative and enjoy your crafts before it's onto the next holiday/season.

It's a fun and easy activity for kids as young as preschool.  All you need are some paint sample cards, a paper plate (or card board), glue, and ribbon.  If you have an oval paper cutter that makes it easier, but if not you can just use scissors.

Gather Hoard your paint samples. I think the brighter the better for this, but it's totally up to you.  If you are making just one wreath you clearly do not need this many paint sample cards.  I needed a lot since this was an Easter Egg Hunt Party craft for about 20 kids.


I used my handy dandy paper cutter to cut out all those eggs making sure to get the white line across the center.  Yup, this took some time...since I needed about 200 eggs!

Then I cut out the center of a styrofoam plate to use as the form for each wreath.  If you are using cardboard, just cut it into a circle with the center cut out...this also gives you the option to make the wreath bigger! 

Then I handed over the eggs, the plates, and the glue sticks to the kids and let them have at it! When all the eggs were glue on I tied a ribbon around the wreath so it could be hung.

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