Thursday, March 6, 2014

DIY Mini Burlap Spring Banner (No Sew)

Polar Vortex who? I'm thinking spring...I have to or I might slip into a deep depression after the winter that just.won't.quit!  My Valentine's Day decor is down, and since I don't decorate for St. Patty's Day, my house is looking a little nakey nakey.  It may be the second day of Lent, but I just can't justify pulling out the Easter decoration yet.  But there's no reason I can't make a few spring decorations and hoard them in my craft room until the first day of Spring later this month, right?

I am really into banners (I've got a whole Pinterest board of them) and I'm really into burlap so I made this fun and really easy mini burlap spring banner.  I just used a piece of scrap burlap and cut it using my secret no-fray way. 

I cut the paper flower out of cardstock on my Silhouette.  It's pretty detailed so if you don't have a Silhouette or another die cut machine, I would recommend a less detailed design or your X-acto knife may start to despise you. (The actual design was created easily using PicMonkey.)

I then used a foam brush to paint a thin layer of mod podge directly onto the burlap. I laid the cardboard cutout flower on top of the mod podge and pressed it down.  Then I painted another very coat of mod podge over top the flower making sure all the little detailed areas were sealed down.  The great thing about the mod podge is it dries clear.  It also stiffens the burlap so your flag has a little 'weight' to it.

I had a bag of mixed moss that I bought at the dollar store, so I grabbed a little and used spray adhesive to attach it. I like that it adds another element of dimension and the green really pops.

Once the mod podge and spray adhesive were nice and dry I folded over the top part of the banner.  I pressed it with a hot iron to make a crease.

And because I was too lazy to sew it, I used spray adhesive again to close up the pocket.  Then I just slipped a piece of jute rope through and tied it together so the banner can hang.

Since mine spring burlap banner is a mini I am thinking I might hang it from a door knob or maybe of the knob on my hutch.  You could even make a bunch of these and string them together for a pretty bunting to hang on the mantel.

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