Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY Towel Hooks from Old Curtain Tie Backs (15 Minute Project)

So last week my daughter pulled the towel bar - wall anchors and all - straight out of the wall in our master bathroom.   She left a pair of golf ball-size holes in the wall and gave me a perfect excuse to make a new towel hook.  

For months, I had been holding onto this idea of using some old curtain tie backs, that we no longer use, as some kind of hooks.  Oh when the stars align...

I grabbed a piece of scrap wood from the garage.  It was looking a little too 'new' so I beat it up a bit (more on how to make new wood look old in another post very soon). 

  Then I slapped it with some homemade chalk paint.  Here's my favorite recipe.

Then I simply screwed the tie backs (aka hooks) into the board. I honestly didn't even break out the tape measure. I just eyeballed it. Can you tell??

I added two sawtooth hangers to the back (I learned the hard way - you want to add the hangers BEFORE you put the towel hooks on your board or you won't be able to lay your board flat and it's difficult to get them.)

Then it was just a matter of putting two nails into the wall and hanging. Wam bam thank you ma'am a 15 minute DIY towel hook!

Now I need to find a new place for my fabric covered shoe box lids since I moved the towel bar closer to the shower.

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