Monday, May 5, 2014

Door Mat Wall Art {Pottery Barn Knockoff}

A few weeks ago I shared this tutorial as a guest blogger over on Free Cheap or Fun blog. Today I'm re-sharing this Pottery Barn knockoff here for all of my readers to enjoy.

I love PB's classic and timeline style and decor, but the prices are a huge turn off for me.  I can't justify spending $399 on a lattice wood panel to hang on my wall when I could be buying two week's worth of groceries for my family for that price.  I do love Pottery Barn's new Lattice Panel Wall Art though and so I figured out a way to knockoff it off for less than $20.

I will admit, the one I made isn't nearly as big as the inspiration, but I also don't have a wall that could handle a more than 20 square foot piece of art!  All you need for the DIY version  is a rubber door mat and some DIY chalk paint.  (You can find the 3 ingredient recipe I used to make my own chalk paint here.) I bought my door mat on Amazon for about $17.  I purchased the Rectangular Kempf Rubber Scroll Doormat  in case you're looking for the same one.

I already had some white paint and plaster of paris to make DIY chalk paint so my supply costs were minimal.

Alright let's get started. The first thing I did was take some scissors to my mat.  The scrolls on the mat were a little wonky in some places, so I trimmed as much of the uncut rubber as I could.

Then it was time to get my paint on.  My first attempt involved a can of white spray paint.  Giant fail.  I tried three coats of white spray paint and it wasn't covering very well so I went the chalk paint route.

I highly recommend the chalk paint.  This will also make it easier if you decide you want to distress your wall art at all to let a little bit of the black through to give it an added dimension.

Wait for the paint to dry.  Wait longer than you think.  Wait some more.  I got impatient at this point and that is why I now have smudged white paint on my beige wall.   I simply hammered two little nails into the wall and hung my door mat wall art up.  Not bad for less than $20, huh?

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