Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY Outdoor Lighting ideas that cost pennies

We have a large outdoor patio with a fireplace and fire pit that I've been trying to add some nice accent lighting to without spending much money.

After browsing around for some ideas -- and stopping by my favorite inspiration, Pottery Barn -- I came up with the idea to use various size jars as votives.
Pottery Barn's $20-$55 version

I collected a few glass jars from spaghetti sauce and peanut butter over about a week.  To get the labels off I just soaked them overnight in a sink full of water.  The glue was a little tough in some spots, but nothing a rough sponge or razor couldn't easily handle.

The sand costs about $2 for a huge (and very heavy) bag at Walmart and the candles were $0.50 each at AC Moore.  I wanted something a little taller, but to get them narrow enough to fit through the top of the jar, I was limited.  Then, using a little hot glue, I simply wrapped the top with hemp rope to add a rustic feel.

My husband -- who I might add has been wondering why I'm collecting all these jars -- took one look at them and said "I like it! They look very Pottery Barn."

Mission accomplished...

Here are a few other DIY outdoor lighting ideas that you can make on a dime. 

Outdoor Candle Lantern from In My Own Style: Use a tuna fish can, broom stick, and small vase to make your own tiki torches/lanterns

Hanging Mason Jar Votives from Home Depot: Use mason jars, wrap the top with black wire, add a candle and hang from coat hooks.

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