Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY Wood sign with picture frame: Perfect for playroom or nursery

A few years back I fell in love with this wood sign sold at South Moon Under.  I did not like the price tag, but my wonderful and always-spoiling husband surprised me with it for our anniversary a few months later.

Fast forward five years and someone sent us a pecan pie in this awesome wood box.  I saved the box and stored match box cars in it until last week when I realized the lid would made a perfect wood sign similar to what I have hanging in my living room - only this would be Fa-REE!  Cha-ching!  I also had a plain black frame sitting around that would work perfectly.

I didn't need to sand or cut the wood, so I happily got started adding my favorite DIYThickers (foam stickers) to spell out "Oh the places you'll go" on what was the back side of the lid.  My son's room is a transportation theme so this is a perfect saying.

I am slightly obsessed with Thickers at the I used the Thickers with peel off tops so I could spray paint right over them and then later peel the top layer off.  I wanted a sign that was blue and white with half of it striped and half a solid color.

I first spray painted the entire wood sign white -- along with the picture frame I plan to later attach.  When that was dry, I taped it off with wide painters tape.  If you want the stripes even, you can measure them out. I actually like when they are random thicknesses so I didn't measure.  Just make sure you vary the size enough that it doesn't look like you were trying to make them all the same width, but instead screwed up. 

After it was all taped, I spray painted the entire sign blue.   Let it dry completely before peeling off the tape.  Fix any small leaks with a white paint pen to hide imperfections.

If you want to add dots or a name to the frame go ahead and do it now.   Take the back out of the frame and use a dot of glue in each corner to keep the glass in place.  Then add a line of hot glue on three sides of the frame.   Wherever you want the picture to slide in should not have glue.  I wanted my frame to be slightly off the edge of the piece of wood, so that's the side that I did not put hot glue.

Slide in your picture and you have a beautiful wood sign with a picture frame. 

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